It’s amazing what one finds building slides … check out the Library of Congress’s Farm Security Administtion/Office of War Information Collection. Happy procrastinating. You can search by town or county, etc.

Hi all Please don’t forget that I sent out some reading questions for the assignments due today (see the previous blog entry). Some of you would very much benefit from meeting with me about your papers. So, in addition to the normal office hours after class this week, I’ll be available Wednesday from 1:30 to […]

Hi again … while I am housecleaning … here are a few questions to help with the readings in the packet due Tuesday (Jason Scott Smith, Building New Deal Liberalism: The Political Economy of Public Works, 1933–1956, 1–20; and John Kenneth Galbraith, “How Keynes Came to America,” in Galbraith, Economics Peace and Laughter, chap. 3, […]

This essay, delving especially into the relationship between technology and employment, but also offering a primer on the what has happened to the U.S. economy since the 1960s, is too good not to share. BTW, you might note that whereas I talked about Keynes’s technological pessimism yesterday, this piece describes his earlier (and more correct) […]

This professor — from Australia, actually — reports that unemployment in Norway is currently 3.7 percent (close, by the way, to the rate that economists consider “full employment” — we’ll discuss this topic more down the road). Which is not to say that I doubt that state jobs are readily available … I would like […]

for the prospectuses and bibliography — as of 10:50 Tuesday night. Thanks. DH